Memsfrontier Industry

At present, Memsfrontier has its own sensor encapsulation capacity of tens of millions every year and its own filter production line, making the thermopile sensor can be widely used in the temperature and gas detection (CH4, CO2 detector has been widely applied to infrared gas sensor by market). It can meet their own and the special needs of industry customers.

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Memsfrontier Technology

Based on the existing technology of infrared thermopile temperature sensor, Memsfrontier has changed the silicon-based infrared filter band by the characteristics of the human body temperature. It can detect the static existence of the human body sensor for the intelligent hardware industry. The sensor ended the high cost, inconvenient era to detect static human existence of domestic intelligent application industry, making the most people can enjoy the wisdom of life which static human detection sensor brings.

Memsfrontier Feature
  • Mission

    to accurately perceive with the "chip".

  • Values

    Quality first, customer foremost, complete sincerity and benevolence.

  • Vision

    Sensing and sharing the smart of life